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When you utilize the services of LACO you will have access to highly qualified surgeons. In addition to orthopaedic doctors, there are other medical specialists available for your initial evaluation and documenting your complete medical history. The provider you meet with will document your current medical condition and develop a comprehensive medical treatment plan which may include diagnostics, physical therapy, pain management and possibly out-patient surgery to address injuries that resulted from your accident.


One of the first things your provider may order for you is comprehensive diagnostics, such as an MRI, CAT scan, EMG/NCV or other studies. This is important because the MRI or other imaging will allow the provider to identify or rule out suspected injured body parts.

Rehabilitation: Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be an integral part of your treatment. Treatment can be for a period of several weeks and a very important component to your recovery. Your therapy will be a customized program designed for you to enable you to regain the strength, flexibility and movement you need to once again be able to go about everyday functions.

Pain Management

Not all injuries require surgery initially. In some cases after you have had your evaluation the provider may recommend more conservative treatment. One of the most common treatments would be pain management. This may entail a series of three sessions where you would see a pain management specialist and they would administer a series of epidurals over a short period of time to see how your body responds. In other words, your level of pain lessens. If your pain does not decrease significantly, you may be sent back to your physician to re-evaluate your condition.

Out-Patient Surgery

If you have been involved in an accident and received injuries from blunt force trauma there is a possibility your provider may recommend surgery to properly treat your injuries. LACO makes available caring surgeons to provide the highest level of care available to you for all surgical needs.