Personal Injury

An orthopedic evaluation is essential to establishing a personal injury case. Your attorney will use this orthopedic evaluation to represent you to your insurance company.

It is necessary to establish that you do have an injuries and that they are related to your accident . This can only be done with a proper orthopedic evaluation. Our doctors will perform a history and physical examination as well as the review of special diagnostic tests such as the MRI or other radiologic studies. When preparing your personal injury evaluation report , we will consider all these factors. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, so the report can be accurate.

Our orthopedic surgeons, will determine the forces that caused the injury to your body. This is referred to as the mechanism of injury. It is simply a matter of cause and effect. Your insurance company does not take for granted, as you do, that your symptoms are a direct result of your accident. Additionally, your insurance company does not take for granted that just because you were in an accident that you were injured. It is necessary for your attorney to establish the relationship of your injuries to your accident.